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Friday, 11 July 2008

The Oldest Persian in Amsterdam

Today I met the oldest Persian in Amsterdam. He's 113 years old.

I went to the Botanical Gardens with a butterfly and suddenly we stood before the Perzische Boom (Persian Tree) or Iron Tree. Butterfly and I both thought "Iron" was a typo, but apparently the English were impressed by the hard wood and thus picked its name. Butterfly didn't believe the tree was as solid as described, climbed into the tree and flapped her wings to rock the branches.

Persian, originally from the north of Iran, was planted in 1895, the year Oscar Wilde saw his play "the Importance of Being Earnest" premiere in Londen, was arrested and thrown in jail on account of Sodomy and gross indecency, the year Babe Ruth and Rudolph Valentino were born. Persian has seen two world wars come and go.

I've probably seen Persian as a kid, playing in the Botanical Gardens, never aware of our common roots.


In other news, Iranians are pretty Funky! Or rather, they were, about 30 years ago. To prove this I invite you to listen to the following song, get off your chair and dance, dance, DANCE!

For more Funky Farsies, go to persianfunk


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nima said...

after reading your written texts , I wanted to tell you something about myself which might (cheer you up!)
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Life is the light of the sun , shining on the river of the rine .

Life is the smile of a little kid , when being called as a gid .

Life is a glass of wine , to go , drink and then have fun .

Life is a beautiful red rose , just smell it with your nose .

Life is a chance to be with you , when I have a desire to come true.

Life is being able to love , when your fingers are in a glove .

you use eyes to measure values , But let me guide you poors !

Life is sometimes cruel , The way it ends up to duel

Which one will you sacrifice ? , The values , or the eyes ?

When one of them should be lost , Perhaps better is to go , get lost

when there is nothing left , to say,
then you just have to go , away.

to a land in which , you can try,
to make yourself fly, in the sky.

or stay and fight , for good and right.
that`s when you can`t turn left , or right.

in that case you may just go , straight
into the right place . Oh. no, desert !

may I know which of them you want ?
May is the month , you have in front.