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Tuesday, 5 August 2008

God Hates the Gays prt. 2

My cousin told me he didn't understand my last post. It was wrong of me to assume everyone knows about gay-pride and canal parades. So if you're from Iran or a similar country, shielded off from all this sinful depravity, here's a quick update:

Amsterdam and the Netherlands have a long history of openness towards alternative (sexual) lifestyles and preferences. In the past many people who faced harrasment because they were gay started a new life in Amsterdam and other Dutch cities. In 2001 the Netherlands was the first country to allow same gender marriages.

Prides are events that celebrate an open attitude towards different sexual preferences. It's a vehicle to protest social injustice but in an open party atmosphere with lots of colour and happines. The last parade (the 13th) so far was a huge event in which boys and girls and everything inbetween turned the Amsterdam canals into one big floating party.

If you've missed it, here's a clock that counts down to the next one:



In other news, this is something I'm worried about:

More info on Global Voices Online

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