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Sunday, 3 August 2008

God Hates the Gays

It's true, otherwise he wouldn't "Rain on our Parade". Despite the so-so weather Canal Pride was an overwhelming succes with about 500.000 visitor. I still don't know how to operate a camera, so here's a picture off the net:

God also showed his anger through his faithful servant Eimert van Middelkoop, the Dutch minister of defence. van Middelkoop was upset by the presence of no less than 5 Dutch Labour Party ministers and Secretaries of State at Canal Pride. Even though this year's theme was "Hope, Faith and Love" no ministers of the 2 Christian coalition parties joined the fun.
Still all this doesn't compare to the story of the Pride organisers in Jerusalem and their treatment by the leaders of the 3 big faiths. Please find the outstanding documentary that was made about it and give it a watch. It was shown this week in the Jewish Museum in Amsterdam, as well as on Dutch national TV.
Have fun and play safe!

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Anonymous said...

dear cousine , what is the all issue about ? i am not there , and somehow i think the tet is written for persons who know about it .