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Saturday, 25 October 2008


Some months ago I made a post about the American filmmaker Andrew Berends who was detained in Nigeria. Though I'm glad to report Andrew was released some time after, there's a few more prisoners of conscience whom we should not forget and leave to rot. Here's a small selection:

- Esha Momeni (28) / Iran

Iranian-American Women's rights advocate Esha Momeni was arrested October 15th. For her story check out the blog: http://for-esha.blogspot.com/ or her mention on the Amnesty site: http://www.amnesty.org/en/library/info/MDE13/155/2008/en

- Sayed Pervez Kambakhsh (24) / Afghanistan

A journalism student who got the death sentence at the age of 23 for distributing articles about human rights abuses as well as Quranic verses about women. A few days ago the sentences was overturned, he's now "only" sentenced to 20 years for questioning Islam. What is especially painful is that this happens in a country "liberated" by the West, where western soldiers still give their lives to fight Taliban and Al-Qaeda.


Et tu Karzai?

- Abdel Kareem Soliman (23) / Egypt

A law student and blogger who was jailed at the age of 22 for saying writing about his (former) university and the Egyptian president.


Did you notice how young these activists are? Makes me want to break something.

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