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Saturday, 18 October 2008

The Foundation

When young artists who think outside the box get creative and work together miracles happen. Witness for instance this music video made by young documentary director Ryan Ferguson. The clip is the debut of young chicago rapper Phero. The images are a tribute to a neighbourhood in Chicago that's rapidly gentrifying, and as a result losing its character and spirit.


I am honestly excited by Phero and Ryan!

Now, compare this with some other brilliant work by our young creatives (please note obvious sarcasm):

Young Iranians in the US. But seriously, they could be of any ethnicity, in any country...

... as evidenced by the following clip, made by young Turks in the NL.

In conclusion, it's not Hip Hop that's unexciting as an art, it's the creativity deficit in most of its producers and consumers

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