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Friday, 7 November 2008

Shameless Self-Promotion

Some weeks ago my Posse and I performed at the "No Label" festival in Utrecht. I don't really have a Posse in the classical sense of the word (we don't ride into town on horses to beat you up after you steal our cattle, unless you're really into that sort of thing and pay us well...), but it's a word I like to use. Some guys filmed parts of the show and interviewed the... well... Posse-members. Not mentioned in the clip is their names:

Babak on guitar
Amiracle on percussion
Eyesful beatboxing, on didge and mouthharp
Sieger with poetry and crazy movements

We had a great time!

I was also interviewed, but probably not deemed interesting enough to be included in the video.

And now, for no reason other than it being a beautiful clip of a beautiful person singing a beautiful song:

(Thanks Allen!)

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