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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

The Iranian Sexual Revolution

I've thought long and hard about what can change a country like Iran around. For sure a revolution is needed, but does it have to be a political one? I have my doubts. Politics have brought us the mess we are in, and because of this most of Iran's young population has no interest in it. However, there is something more interesting and even far more potent available to us: the power of Sex!

It's what most if not all young Iranians enjoy (at the very least to talk and think about). It's not a wonder organised religion fears it as much as it does. Also, it's an influence that's very hard to keep out of the country, as the need for it comes from our very genes. It's even harder to suppress if you think about all the Mullahs involved in scandals (which could be kept out of the papers, but pop up now in blogs).

I'm going to have so much fun writing about this issue in the next few months, watch this site!

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