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Monday, 19 January 2009

An Update (Finally)

My apologies for the long delayed update. I was not being lazy, merely swamped by the incredible task of overseeing the production of 30 hours of radio programming on Human Rights in Iran, the first daily hour being broadcast on the 31st of January! So don't forget to tune in via www.radiozamaneh.com . I'll post a banner to the programme's site as soon as it's done.

But to make up for my lateness, here's a triple whammy update for all you folks.

A) Let us celebrate the sisters who are rockin' it in the motherland. A bit over a week ago the one million signature campaign, a grassroots initiative that has rocked the establishment in Iran has been awarded the Simone de Beauvoir award for its tireless action. Many of this campaign's activists have been locked up and harrassed in other ways. Here's a write up about the award with links to the campaign:


B) Check out this wonderful Iranian/Swedish singer "Laleh"

See how she is a famous Iranian singer with black hair and wonderful features unmutilated by plastic surgery? Quite a rarity I've been told.

C) OnzeManInTeheran, a great blog by the Dutch journalist Thomas Erdbrink, has a great entry about why a Dutchman decided to open a hotel in the desert city of Yazd. Funny article in Dutch: http://onzemaninteheran.com/?p=572#comments

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