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Sunday, 8 February 2009

Dastan's new album

The music of my tar teacher Hamid Motebassem and his Dastan Ensemble has been my introduction to the amazing world of Iranian traditional music. They are without a doubt some of the greatest Iranian musicians and composers. Recently he mailed me to tell me of the new CD his group is bringing out. I could not find any article on the internet about this CD, but here's a picture of the album cover:

What is surprising is the line-up of musicians. Apart from the guest singer Salar Aghili they've added the following musicians to the mix:

Siddharth Kishna - Sitar
Reza Abaee - Qeizhak
Pouya Saraee - Santour

It's quite uncommon for guest musicians to appear on a Dastan album, I can't wait to hear the endresult.

If you are curious about the Dastan ensemble, have a listen to their songs on their myspace site:


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