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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The Return of Marx

I'm not sure if it's happening yet, or even whether I should be happy about it, but more and more people are convinced Marx is the come-back kid of the 21st century. It's funny how very few people are aware of the impact of Marx, Socialism and Communism in countries like Palestine in Iran. These are great and inspiring but also sad and dramatic narratives. At least the animation film Persepolis showed some non-Iranians that Iranian Marxists existed and were in fact an important segment of society.

Here's an interested multi-espisode essay on Marxism:


Also, have a browse around the site of my friend Mostafa, a talented Amsterdam based filmmaker:


I will add him to my link bar later, but in the mean time, click on his films, go to 2003 and watch "commercial/indra"

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