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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Soundtrack of a Revolution (pt. 2)

Before we continue our talks of how to unhinge the regime, it's time for some articles and music.

United 4 Iran translated the list of institutions that the government accuses of waging a "soft" war with Iran. The usual suspects are present: Radio Farda, Zamaneh and BBC, Freedom House. But also HIVOS and Yale?

An interested argument of how acting without thought, even outside Iran, can hurt what's happening inside:

And as I promised you music, here's a video from a United 4 Iran event, starring Branko Galoic's Skakavac Orkestar, guest starring Stefanos on the violin and myself on the darbouka:

But to think that only the good side can make clips, here's some gangsterrap starring the President himself. MTV, when are you going to call this guy?:


Mana said...

Thanks much for the shout-out. Much appreciated. There were some very questionable organizations/institutions on the blacklist. Stanford was an odd one as well.

Again, thank you.

Online Commmunity Manager

Sahand Sahebdivani said...

I guess if you stretch the definition of "Soft War" to any organisation that supports free thought you find most schools and universities in the world to be your enemy.