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Thursday, 28 January 2010

Your cracks are showing...

As I've stated before, I'm very sceptical about the Iranian regime collapsing any time soon. Sure, they've taken a bit of a bashing lately. You could even say that the were shaking a bit on their foundation, but who's to say they will not succeed in purging the regime from inconvenient elements and covering up the cracks?

Today two dissidents were executed in Iran. Though they were not post-election protestors, it's obvious they are being sacrificed to scare people from going out into the streets for the big protests in two weeks. Enduring America has a nice write-up.

The esteemed filmmaker Makhmalbaf continues to write about the incredible wealth of Ayatollah Khamenei.

Now, not only is Makhmalbaf systematic in his articles, he's apparently managed to reach the right people, as he's apparently forced Khamenei into denying the claims.

And finally I leave you with a picture showing how Iranian media works. Yes, that's a PA holding up a sign so the nice lady giving the street interview knows exactly what to say.

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...واكنون مفتخريم كه وب سايت تحليلي "سوران بلاگ دات کام" را به شما خوانندگان گرامي معرفي كنيم.