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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Bahman 22 - What a sad day, what a glorious day!

First of, being Persian, distressing times make me write poetry:


Why I Have Hope - 2

The outcome of today's turmoil be damned
tomorrow a boy and a girl, who have just met
will make love in the empty house of a friend


But what a turmoil to wake-up to! If you want the up-to-datest, here's some good bloggers to check out:


Caller to ePersian radio: Their celebration ceremony went to sh**! I saw security forces take a foreign journalist away. They took his notebook and everything and drove him away. The police is patrolling the streets and stopping anyone they can get their hands on. Ahmadinejad was giving his speech and just a few hundred meters away, the people were fighting security forces.


In the Netherlands we're getting ready to protest 17.00 - 19.00 local time in the Hague, Amsterdam and Groningen. I'll post some pictures later tonight.

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