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Thursday, 4 September 2008


Hey Gang,

Here's some updates on things I think are important.

Freedom of Press - I'm very sad to say that accomplished filmmaker and journalist Andrew Berends as well as his translator Samuel George have been arrested by the Nigerian government on espionage charges. Andrew was making a film about the Niger Delta. Please spread the word about Andrew and Samuel.


Mujahedin - A while back I posted a link to James Longley's documentary about the Mojahedin. One of the people James interviewed for his film is Gareth Porter, an investigative journalist with a thing or two to say about the MEK. Now James posted the full 40 minute interview with Gareth on the following shared Vimeo channel:


Women's Rights - The most fun way to be a feminist is to attend LadyFest: a festival organised in different cities all over the world. This weekend there's one in Amsterdam (actually, the kick off is tonight) with concerts, films, workshops on making your own sanitary pads and sex toys and much, much more. Check out

And now for something completely different:

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