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Friday, 18 February 2011

Music in service of the revolution.

There are different ways in which Iranians are contributing to the struggle for freedom and democracy. One is by the creation of art. If not to convince government supporters to join the cause, then at least to remind ourselves what it is we're fighting for.

Golshifteh Farahani is an Iranian actress living abroad. The song she sings in this clip uses the melodies and texts of old songs every Iranian knows, from political songs to children's texts. The lyrics are updated to refer to today's events.

Here's a translation of the lyrics, made by my friend S.A.:

[Sound of people calling out "Allah Akbar" from rooftops]

Our nights on rooftops
I call out "God is great"
I hold a dream in my heart
and the universe will share our fate

For our children
it's time to sacrifice
thus they will be freed
from this long lasting oppression

This sinister night
will disappear
This country will be free
from sorrow and depression

We will laugh again
We will laugh again
We are united

We will laugh again
We will laugh again
We're undivided


Beautiful girl
It's time that you claim your rights*
to free yourself from oblivion
and the people will cherish you in their pure hearts

Beautiful girl
The flame of your enchanting gaze
your innocent eyes
will illuminate the way for those who fight


Father brought the water**
Father brought the bread**
That man came on a horse,
as soon as the oil was spread.
I will walk to my destiny.

That man is armed,
he attacks the people.
And I'll go on a quest for my destiny.

Stay strong and focus on your final destination
The time has come for sacrifice

[trembling voice:]
Kiss me
Kiss me for the last time

*Literally she sings "The voice of justice has summoned you". Voice is "Neda" in Persian, which is the name of the young girl who was shot during the uprising in the summer of 2009.

**These are two sentences from childrens school books and all Iranian children know this by heart.


I hope it inspires you to keep involved with the Iranian struggle.

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