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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

A new chapter...?

After 9 months of blog silence, is it of any use to return? It does not matter, one blogs because one has to, not because there is a function. At any rate, with all that's happening (and not happening) in Iran I need a place to vent.

If you're looking for Iran related news, here's some active and very good blogs. People I've been following for a while, and people I've recently discovered:

One tough lady dishes it out like no one dares to:

When online then relevant, interesting and well written:

The most important blogging/news site on the Middle East at the moment:

Last but not least, Radio Zamaneh has revamped her English site. Good news!

That's plenty to keep you busy. Tomorrow I'll note my thoughts on today's events, and the road ahead.

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