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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Where are we?

More than once did I hear Iranians lament that they need al-Jazeera to cover events in Iran like they did in Tunesia, Egypt and Libya. But even the little that us Iranians can do to fill the gap, it seems that we don't. The Green movement has brought out another declaration. Apparently it's a game changer, reaching out to workers and minorities. But so far, no one has translated it. And sadly my Persian is not good enough to do it either.


Again, to remember the real people involved in the movement in Iran, here are some personal stories:

From Teheran Bureau: "Mariam", 23 years old

From Teheran Review: N. Sayeh

But maybe most striking is this personal story (in Persian) from an Iranian transgender who participated in demonstrations with her friends, as published in Radio Zamaneh:


Finally a good analysis of why events in Libya play out differently than in Egypt or Tunesia, and why Iran is different even from all three is to be found here: http://www.enduringamerica.com/home/2011/2/24/from-tunisiaegypt-to-libyairan-notes-of-caution-on-sudden-ch-1.html

1 comment:

Pedestrian said...

ha! the declaration hasn't been translated?

I only blame one source: mousavi's facebook page! ;)

We started Khordaad88.com for this very reason, and they were really responsive when we would communicate with them to coordinate this stuff. We're all students working on a voluntary basis, so we didn't want to redo anything.

But then, the communication from them just stopped. I'm not sure if things got changed around in their management or what, they're super secrtive and non-responsive and ended up translating everything we had already done. Even though we would ask them. So it didn't make sense to keep two dozen or so students working and we let them all go.

anyways, I'm not sure who this mousavi facebook page belongs to but they should either take on the job of translating everything or at least coordinate with other volunteers out there. As you said: this civil participation business starts at home ;)