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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Human rights news links.

- A few days ago the office of the Iranian nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi was closed by the government. Read the full story here:


- Greece is burning, but luckily it makes for great pictures. Click away:


- Here's a link to a PBS documentary episode about former Jihadis in Rehab. Quite surreal, very interesting and extremely important in the years to come. Have a look:



And not quite human rights news, but here's a link to the pictures of last weekend's performance of my former band Caspian Hat Dance:


All for now kiddies


Anonymous said...

couse , translate this for me : former band

Ms Helen said...

I think it's like having a former lover/partner. Even though you've broken up, it wasn't necessarily acrimonious, you still have loads of people you know in common, you still have strong feelings for them even though it's over and let's face it, people still think of you from when you were together.

I mean, it's not just Sahand (Dave Grohl is someone who people still think of from Nirvana, despite now being in the Foo Fighters), I always say Kathleen Hannah (of Le Tigre) that used to be in Bikini Kill.

I guess now I have to add Sahand, you know, Sahand, who used to be in Caspian...

Hope you're well!


Sahand Sahebdivani said...

- Cousin, in Persian "former band" means "gooroohe moosiqiye sabeqam". I quit them some weeks ago.

- Helen, you're absolutely right it does feel like a brake-up. However, there's also the following to consider, now I can do my other projects without feeling that I'm cheating on Caspian :-)