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Friday, 19 December 2008

Music Mash

- If you're a fan of Caspian Hat Dance you'll be glad to hear the band has a new website, featuring clips, downloadable songs and Caspian Madness. Have a listen if you d are: http://www.caspianhatdance.com/

- Some people think I listen to complicated world music all day. Not true! Though I enjoy some good Mongolian throat singing or a frantic darbouka solo from time to time, I also listen to songs you hear on MTV. Here's a recent favorite of mine:

(you might recognise it from the trailer of the horribly crappy tv-series "Moonlight")

- Ofcourse if complicated world music is what you want, look no further! This song starts quite uninspired with bored looking musicians in bow ties. Just as you're about to click away a heavily made up singer starts to sing with the most amazing deep voice! My only regret is that it's too short!

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