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Thursday, 25 December 2008

Lucya Por Favor

A few years ago I met and spent a day in Barcelona with Lucya, a beautiful Italian artist. We were supposed to be together for only a little while, but I ended up playing my tar for her in the Ramblas and on the stairs of a church behind a fish market. She painted for me and cooked for me in her little shared appartment as we discussed life, art, death and madness. We never met since, it was the perfect day never to be repeated: her one visit to Amsterdam co-incided with my band's tour in Eastern Europe. I am very happy to see that she still produces beautiful pieces of art which she posts on her artblog:


Here's the poem I wrote for her:


Lucya por favor,

draw me the new man
draw me the new man as you would like him to be

give him four arms

two for him to play you music with
one for him to write you letters

and one, perhaps, to hold behind his back
in his hand holding a small present

draw the new man a mouth
if you want him to tell you stories
or sing
whisper sweet nothings in your ear as you sleep

or if you want him to be quiet

draw him no mouth

give the new man strong legs
as many as you can imagine

the new man will want to
jump and
kick and
swim and
run from ocean to ocean
before the sun sets

but Lucya,
por favor,

do not draw the new man eyes

to drown you in.



Eric said...

A beautiful poem, Sahand. Absolutely beautiful...

Sahand Sahebdivani said...