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Sunday, 7 December 2008

Pink Film

I love Amsterdam because of its incredible cultural life and in particular the amazing festivals it hosts. There's the biggest documentary festival in the world the IDFA, the music biannales for various instruments in "Het Muziekgebouw", Africa in the Picture, the Roots festival, one could go on forever. Recently my attention has been drawn to another festival that will starts in a few days: The Pink Film Days. In 8 days all the latest Gay and Lesbian films will be shown in various locations in Amsterdam.
If you want to check out the programming have look on their site:

I have to make a special mention of the posters of the festival. Not only are they sweet and beautiful, they're also quite subtle: The Dutch (somewhat derogatory) term for a gay man is "poot", the leg of an animal, chair or table. For a lesbian it's "pot".


kaivani said...

sahand.drood bar shoma web ghoby
dary tabrik megoyam . houshang

Farnaz said...

Aha, I love to attend this festival and watch some movies. Do u have any suggestion Sahand Jan? Maybe we can go together :)

Ms Helen B said...

I can't believe Jess will be in Amsterdam for the festival. I'm tres jealous. HOpe you're well Sahand.