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Saturday, 13 December 2008


Here's some things you might find interesting.

A) My friend Pouyan Tamimi Arab is a martial arts killing machine. Having studied Tea Kwan Do and Karate he knows 12 ways of killing a man using his left thumb. He's also a student of art history and philosophy. I imagine him sitting in a garden reading up on his Adorno, sipping some Jasmin tea and writing a haiku on the mortality of man, before stepping into his dojo and beating up 12 adversaries. It is no surprise then that he shows up as a guest columnist on Thomas Erdbrink's blog: http://onzemaninteheran.com/?p=556 (Dutch)

B) More and more of my friends have confessed to being map-nerds, cartography-freaks, or however you would call this sub-species of human. I have to say, I'm also intruiged by them, maps say as much about the mapped as the mapper. What was left in and what was left out? How are the proportions, what is the accuracy? Historical maps (often showing a comparetively large Europe and gigantic UK) are visual history books teaching us about society, politics and common assumptions at the time they were made. Here's an interesting site to dive in to:


C) As you might know I work for the Iranian radio station Radio Zamaneh. If you don't speak Persian you have very little use for the link to the station as half the time we're babbling away in our crazy chatter language. For those who are challenged in their Persian speaking skills, here's a link to an all music all the time internet radio station, which even allows you to pick your flavor:


D) Another human rights awarenes initiative, Witness: http://hub.witness.org/udhr60

All for now kiddies.

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